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Local Families’ Surname Index

Family Files

This Local Families’ Index lists the names of individuals and families for whom some information has been collected at the Keith Boyd Museum. While many other individuals or families have contributed to the heritage of Russell Village, the museum may not yet have collected or catalogued information concerning them.

The Local Families’ Index contains the names of families for whom a family file exists at the museum or those who were profiled in Wendell M. Stanley’s 1987 publication, From Swamp and Shanty. These families have lived, worked or been commercially involved in the Village of Russell or the surrounding area. Family files at the Museum vary in content; some include genealogies and/or photographs, while others, only newspaper clippings such as death and birth notices, or wedding articles.

Please note that heritage information exists at the museum that has not been cross indexed, such as sports groups, graduating classes etc., but may however provide some knowledge of families other than those listed in this index.

Volunteers at the Keith M. Boyd Museum will gratefully accept donated artifacts, documents or photos of heritage value.

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